Explanation of Activity:

Building a Stairway to Health will teach students about how to go about achieving health. They will choose five actions they think are the most important for reaching the top stair (the goal: Health).


You will need colored construction paper, markers, glue, scissors, old magazines, newspapers, or other materials with pictures that students can cut and use, poster board or a large sheet of construction paper. You may want to pre-cut steps for the stairway. You or the student will need rectangles that get progressively longer (or shorter).


  1. Be sure each student places the word health along with a definition of health at the top of the stairway. The definition should be one that you provide or that the class has determined collectively to ensure that the students have grasped the concept of health.
  2. To make this activity more creative and enjoyable, have the students cut out pictures from magazines or old newspapers of people doing healthy things (drinking milk, riding a bike, etc.). They can glue the pictures around their stairway.
  3. The students can then present their stairway to the class. Have each student discuss why they think their pictures and concepts are healthy. See the sample stairway for more assistance.

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