Learning Activity: Snack Shop


  • Enough currency (paper bills) for each student to have $10 (a ten-dollar bill)
  • Enough currency for the students to make change for the students’ purchases. (They will need $1 bills and coins)
  • Round 1 price tags with pictures (several copies)
  • Round 2 price tags with pictures (several copies)
  • 2 receipt worksheets for each student


  1. Print out currency and price lists.
  2. Cut out currency and price tags.

Directions (Round 1):

  1. Students should be matched in pairs. The student purchasing food will have a ten-dollar bill and the student making change will have several ones and quarters.
  2. One student will be the cashier and one student will purchase snacks.
  3. The student purchasing the snacks will need to choose 5 snacks, one for each day of the week. They can choose a snack more than once.
  4. The student will choose whatever s/he desires and the cashier will write a receipt, total the purchase and make change.
  5. Then the students will switch roles and repeat steps 3 & 4.

*Note: The students should choose snacks based on desire in the first round. The prices are set so that students can purchase five snacks for $10, without having to choose foods with nutritional value.

Debrief (Round 1):

  1. Students should lay their food choices in front of them. Ask if any of their choices would be found on the food guide pyramid. Which foods? If they chose foods that are not included on the food pyramid, ask why they chose them. Will they be able to get a lot of nutrients from those foods? Explain.
  2. Have the students raise their hand if they had more than $2 left after purchasing five snacks. Ask them what foods they chose. This should show the class that students who made at least a couple healthy choices had money left over.
  3. Have the students raise their hand if they had no money left or less than $2. Ask the students what foods they chose. This should show several unhealthy choices.
  4. Students who had $2 or more left over should be given a reward. (optional)
  5. Snacks are one way of putting energy and nutrients into our bodies. If snacks don’t have a lot of nutrients, how will we get the nutrients we need? If you have eaten very well throughout the day, you may be able to choose a snack with fewer nutrients.

Directions (Round 2):

  1. Students are going play Round 2 exactly the same way they played Round 1. However, they have a different price list.
  2. Students can’t spend more than $10. In round 2, the snack prices for foods without a lot of nutrients have increased. They will have to buy at least a few healthy foods.
  3. There is no prize this round.

Debrief (Round 2):

  1. In order to spend less than $10, everyone had to buy at least two healthy foods. Hold up what you bought that you think is healthy.
  2. Do you think you made better choices the first or the second round?
  3. Do you think you will feel better after eating your choices from the first or the second round?
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