Learning Activity: Role Play

Students should be given the opportunity to practice their communication skills with their classmates. Role playing gives the students a chance to say NO in an unthreatening environment. It also gives them the opportunity to give each other feedback.

Note: This activity may be done on a separate day if time is a concern.


  1. Get three volunteers to do the example scenario for the class. This scenario has the ending written for the students.
  2. As a group, the students should give the volunteers feedback on their performance. They should be judging their communication skills: tone of voice, body language, etc. Since the students have no input on the lines of the role play, they can’t be critiqued on that aspect of the scenario.
  3. Divide the class into groups of six and hand out a scenario to each group.
  4. Each scenario uses three people, a narrator and two people interacting. The endings are unwritten. Names may be changed to fit the people playing the roles.
  5. Students should be given sufficient time to write the ending(s). After half the group acts out the scenario, then the other three members should be given the opportunity to act it out.
  6. Have the students perform the scenarios in front of the class. Students should use the Role Play Feedback form to give positive comments and suggestions for improvement.

Role Playing Debrief

Scenario One: How did Brian try to convince Tim to try his brother’s cigarettes? What did Tim do that was really good in response? What else could either person have done?

Scenario Two: What was good about the ending the group came up with? What would have happened to the adults if they had been caught buying the cigarettes for the boys? What would have happened if the boys had been caught smoking?

Scenario Three: What was good about the ending the group came up with? Is it true that baseball players use real chewing tobacco? (No, they are banned from doing so.) Is chewing tobacco healthier than cigarettes? (No, it can lead to just as many health problems as cigarettes. No tobacco is safe.)

Scenario Four: How should you deal with telling an adult about a situation where you find someone you know and love smoking? What was good about the group’s ending?

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