Learning Activity: Pie Chart of Weekend Activity Level


· A Weekend Activity Book for each student

· Pie Chart worksheet

· Red, black, green and blue crayons or markers


1. Have each student look through the Weekend Activity Book that they created in Activity 1.

2. Have the students place each of the activities described in their Weekend Activity Books in one of the four categories: Screen Time, Active Time, School Time and Down Time. Some of their activities may not fit neatly into one category, but have them choose the most appropriate category for each activity. The categories are listed below.

· Screen Time: time spent playing video games, watching TV and using a computer.

· Active Time: time spent actively playing, exercising, walking, doing household chores, etc. High-energy activities fit in this category.

· School Time: time spent in classes or doing homework or reading for school or for fun.

· Down Time: time spent relaxing, talking with family or friends, doing art, etc. Low-energy activities fit in this category.

3. Incomplete fractions are under the pie chart on their worksheet. These fractions show the fraction of the weekend spent doing each of the four categories listed above. Have the students write down the number of activities in each category, to complete the fractions.

4. Then, have the students color in the pie chart above according to their fractions’ colors. The slices depicting active time should be colored red. Screen time should be colored in black. Color school time green and down time blue. For example if 2/6 of their weekend was spent on Active Time, then two of the slices on the pie chart should be colored in red.

5. Discuss with students the composition of the pie chart. Explain to students that if the pie chart is mostly one color it means that all of the activities you wrote about were in the same category. In contrast, if your pie chart is many different colors, it means that you did something from all, or many, of the categories. Ask students to identify the color that is not necessary to include on the pie chart. Inform students that the pie chart does not need to include black because it represents Screen Time; however, Active Time, School Time and Down Time are all things you need every day to be healthy. Screen Time does not add to your health. It is OK to have some Screen Time, but it is more important to do things from the other categories.

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