Learning Activity: Mock Elections


  1. Discuss the importance of having trustworthy, honest and ethical officials.
  2. Divide the class into three or four groups, whatever is best for your class size.
  3. One person from each group will be the candidate running for an elected position. The “candidate” for each group should be determined by a vote within each of the respective groups (i.e., Group 3 should vote on its “candidate”, Group 2 should vote on its “candidate,” etc.).
  4. The rest of the team members will be the campaign committee. Within the groups, students should vote on who will be the campaign manager.
  5. Each member of the group should be given a task. Aside from the candidate and the campaign manager, some people can work on promotions (posters, etc.) and anything else that the group decides.
  6. As a group, students should decide on candidate’s “platform.” The candidate will take a stance on as many issues as they choose, but they must include nutrition, physical activity and tobacco use prevention (or exposure to smoke).
  7. The group will use the platform as a basis for their campaign. Students will need to come up with their position on these given issues and prepare themselves on why they feel the way they do.
  8. After students have had time to “campaign” (this can be as long as you would like- one day, one week, etc.), a debate should be held. After hearing the platforms for the various candidates, come up with questions for the debate.
  9. When the debate is finished, have the students vote for their favorite candidate. Remind students that they should take into consideration everything from the campaign, not just the performance in the debate.
  10. Have the students fill out the election follow-up form that is included in this lesson.

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