Learning Activity: Mock City Council Meeting and Presentation


•Sources about secondhand smoke

•Index cards (to use as notes for the presentation)

Students will prepare a presentation for the members of City Council. They will research secondhand smoke in more detail, and try to convince the members of City Council that they should enact a smoking ban in the city. (This is regardless of the fact that a statewide ban is already in effect.)


  1. Each student will prepare a one-minute speech in support of the smoking ban, in hopes of improving the community’s health.
  2. Students should use the information that you collected and any other sources that they find. Encourage students to interview a parent or person that works in a smoke-filled environment. Find out why people do not want to work in a smoky environment.
  3. Depending on how much time you have for this activity, students may work on their speeches in class or at home.
  4. For the presentation, divide the class into community members and council members. Find out how many people are on city council for your school’s town. Each student should have a chance to be a council person and a community advocate.
  5. The students acting as council members will use the peer judging sheet to give the presenter a score on his or her presentation.
  6. At the end of each “council session” the council members should vote on whether or not they want to enact a smoking ban based on the “community advocates” presentations.


•How will people benefit from a smoking ban?

•How does presenting at a city council meeting impact the way of life for the people in the community?

•What facts about secondhand smoke were most convincing when you were acting as a council member?

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