Explanation of the activity:

This activity will allow the students to demonstrate their knowledge of the three types of media (advertisements, entertainment, educational).



1.      For this game, you will need 20 examples of the three types of media, in print.  Be sure the examples come from children’s magazines or newspapers and are age-appropriate and relevant for children.  (Advertisements = advertisements from newspapers and children’s magazines or a picture of a product’s mascot; Entertainment = comics, sports stories; Educational = articles from kids’ magazines and newspapers).  You will also need labels and masking tape.

2.      Also, post examples of the three types of media on a wall, and students will have to label those examples. Gather real-world examples from children’s magazines and newspapers. Ten examples equal one set, and you will need two sets per game.

3.      Cut the word labels into strips so that there is only one word per strip.

4.      Post each set of pictures in a line on a wall. Be sure that the sets are distinguishable from each other. See below for illustration of set-up.



1.   Line students up on the other side of the room. Designate one member of the team to be the Team Leader.

2.   Give each Team Leader a stack of word labels.

3.   The Team Leader will hand the first student in their team’s line a label. The student will take that label and run to the other wall where they will place the label next to the correct corresponding example. Then, they will run back to their team and go to the back of the line.

4.   When a student gets to the back of the line, the Team Leader can then give the new first student in line a label and he or she will run down and match it to an example.

5.      Students are allowed to move a label after it is posted, but they must skip their turn of posting a new label if they choose to rearrange already posted labels.

6.      This continues for three minutes (vary the time limit depending on how far students will be running to the pictures and the ability levels of your students. Make the time limit constrained enough that they must rush, but long enough that they can get through all the word labels.)

7.      The team gets one point for each correct match. The team with the most points wins.

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