Explanation of Activity:

This activity will help students understand where to get nutritious foods and places to go to be physically active within their communities.


You will need graph or plain paper, a writing utensil, and a red and blue marker, crayon or pen for the Mapping a Model Community activity.


  1. Each person or group needs a piece of paper, preferably graph paper.
  2. Students will create a model community. By now, they should know what a model community would have (i.e. school, places to be physically active, places to buy nutritious food, smoke-free environment, etc.). The students can put whatever they want in their community as long as they have places to be active and places to get nutritious food. Students may put as many other places as they want such as a library, shopping mall, movie theatre, etc. Remember, this is their model community.
  3. If using graph paper, 1 graph square should equal 2-3 blocks.
  4. Once all the places are mapped, students should outline their places to get nutritious food in red. They should outline their places to be physically active in blue.

Activity Debrief:

Students should present their model community to the group.

The following questions will help to summarize the activity:

1. Where are some healthy places in your community?

2. Why did you choose the places you did for your community?

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