Explanation of the activity:

This activity will allow students to note how they spend their time in an effort to improve their time management skills.


Each student will need a “My Schedule” worksheet and a Bar Graph sheet or blank graph paper, and crayons if making bar graphs of personal schedules.


  1. Have students make lists of things they like to do and must do for each of the four time categories.
  2. Have students rank the individual items in each category in order of importance.
  3. Next, have them rank each list in order of importance. (i.e. Screen Time is the least important of all time categories)
  4. Using their “My Schedule” worksheet, students will make a schedule for themselves for the next day using their lists and following the guide. You can post this guide on the chalkboard, transparency or butcher paper:

1. When do you wake up in the morning? When do you go to sleep?

2. What time does school start? What time does it end?

3. What time do you usually eat breakfast, lunch and dinner?

4. Do you have any classes, lessons or activities that you must go to? When do they start and how long are they?

5. Do you have any chores to do? How long do they take? When do you want to do them?

6. How much time do you spend on homework? When do you want to do homework?

7. How much time is left? Cross off the activities from your list that are already on your schedule. Using the rankings, pick activities to fill the rest of the time on your schedule.

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