Explanation of the activity:

This activity will get students thinking about what they eat over the course of a day and their fruit and vegetable consumption. By putting the meals around a clock, students will see how to disperse their food intake throughout the day so that they maintain their energy levels.


You will need paper plates (Four for each student), poster board or a large piece of butcher paper for each student, and markers, crayons and other art supplies to decorate posters.


  1. On their poster, have students draw a large clock.
  2. Give each student four paper plates.
  3. Have the students draw pictures of 3 meals and one snack on the paper plates. From the list of foods and meals brainstormed during the discussion of this lesson, students should pick a day’s worth of meals plus one snack so that they get 5 to 9 servings of fruits and vegetables.
  4. Once the plates are complete, have the students glue them to their poster either on or near the time they would eat that particular meal or snack.
  5. On the bottom of their poster, have them write how many servings of fruits and vegetables their day’s meals and snack provide.
  6. Display the posters in the classroom or hallway.

Activity Debrief:

The following questions will help to summarize the activity:

  1. Did everyone choose the same meals and snack?
  2. Did you get a variety of different foods in your choices? Are there a lot of different colors and varieties of fruits and vegetables? Do you see foods from each of the Five Food Groups?
  3. Did everyone choose to eat their meals and snack at the same times?
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