Learning Activity: Health Alternatives to Smoking Interview


•Telephone Books

•Writing Utensils

•Internet (optional)


Create a rubric for the students to use while evaluating their classmates’ presentations.


1. Using the background information, inform students about the different types of meditative practices.

2. Invite students to research contact information for health professionals in the community including Tai Chi, Qigong, and Yoga instructors using telephone books and the internet. Have students select a specialist to interview.

3. Have each student develop questions to ask the health professional. Questions should focus on the importance and purpose of the meditative practice. Additionally, students should understand the culture in which the practice originated and the benefits of the practice. Students should organize an outline of the questions that they would like to ask the instructor. If possible, have students peer-review the questions and if students are nervous they may choose to conduct a mock interview with a classmate in advance to familiarize themselves with the interviewing process.

4. Students should contact the selected health professional and conduct the interview. Optional: While conducting the interview students can ask the health professionals if they would be willing to teach a class for the students at the school.

5. Have students present the information to class. Students will evaluate each other presentations using the rubric.


Schedule a field trip for the students to visit a Yoga, Qigong, or Tai Chi class.


Since the children have become familiar with the interviewing process, students could interview a smoker and a non-smoker and compare the results.

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