Explanation of the activity:

This activity will allow the students to use their deductive reasoning skills to classify fruits and vegetables.


You will need a variety of fruits and vegetables, index cards and 1 student worksheet. Also, thoroughly wash all fruits and vegetables and have the students wash their hands before beginning this activity. Slice small samples of each fruit and vegetables for tasting and smelling purposes. Line up each sample of fruit and vegetable.

For each sample, you will need one whole example (for items with seeds you will want to cut the whole sample in half so that the seeds are exposed) and enough bite size taste and smell samples for each student. Next to each sample, place an index card with the number of that particular sample. Record for yourself the name of the fruit or vegetable for each sample.


  1. Either individually or in groups, have the students spend a few minutes with each sample.
  2. On the students’ worksheet, have the students record each sample’s outside color, inside color, size & shape, inside texture, outside texture, taste and whether or not it has seeds. Students should make a guess as to the identity of each fruit and vegetable. Then, they can fill in the space that says “name” in the classification charts.
  3. After all students have had a chance to record the data for each sample, pass out the 5 classification charts titled “Discovering fruits & vegetables through classification.” Using the classification charts, have students identify the correct fruit or vegetable, or confirm their guesses. These charts will show students how to answer a question using deductive reasoning.

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