Explanation of the activity:

This activity will help the students to practice their estimation skills. They will estimate a serving of fruit or vegetables.


You will need a baseball, a 1-Cup measuring cup, a several whole fruits and vegetables with other foods, such as vegetable pizza or salad, plates to put the cut-up pieces of fruits and vegetables. Also, cut up some of the fruits and vegetables and place different amounts of them on plates. Record how many servings of each fruit or vegetable you are placing on each plate.


  1. Explain to the students that estimating servings of fruits and vegetables by looking at them is an easy way to keep track of your daily servings when you do not have the recipe to look at.
  2. Be sure that the students recall that 1 cup = 1 serving
  3. Remind the students that 1 cup is approximately the size of a baseball. If the serving, whole or cut-up, is about the size of a baseball, it is 1 serving. Make sure that students know how to distinguish between size and weight.
  4. Pass around the baseball so that the students can get a feel for its actual size.
  5. After you get the baseball back, put it out of the students’ view. Have the students estimate how many servings of fruit or vegetables are in each sample.
  6. For each sample:

•Carry it or pass it around the room so that the students can get a close look at it.

•Ask students how many servings they believe are in the sample.

•Reveal the correct answer. Measure the samples of cut-up fruits and vegetables with a 1-cup measuring cup.

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