Explanation of the activity:

Energy is a difficult concept to grasp, as it comes in many different forms and has many meanings. This game is intended to help simplify the concept of energy: food has energy which gets into our body through the foods we eat, and we use this energy to move our bodies and for our bodies to work.


You will need the list of “Energy Sources for People.” And, if you are playing in a classroom, you may want to move the desks apart from each other so the students have more room to walk around. This is not really necessary since the students will only be walking around slowly and can maneuver around the desks.


1. Have the students stand up.

2. Explain that they are going to play a game which requires them to use some of the energy in their bodies. They are going to walk slowly around the classroom and continue walking as they hear the names of things that give their bodies energy.

3. The students will begin the game by slowly walking around the space being used (a classroom, hallway, or gym).

4. Read down the list of “Energy Sources for People,” reading each word clearly and pausing between the words.

5. As you are reading the words, the students must continue moving as he or she hears words that give people energy (foods) and can be eaten for breakfast. The students will be slowly milling about the space, listening as each word is read off.

6. When a word is read that does not give people energy, the students should freeze where they are (because they cannot move if they do not have energy, and the word just read does not give them energy). Any student that continues to move is out and must sit out the rest of the game.

7. After calling students out, continue reading down the list. The students can move when they hear words that give them energy.

8. Continue playing in this fashion until all the students are out or until you read through the whole list.

*Some foods on the list are not typical “breakfast” foods. This is because we want to reinforce the concept that eating anything with some nutritional value for breakfast is better than eating nothing.

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