Travis lives in a small town in Ohio. During the week, he attends Cross Elementary School. He is in the fifth grade. Before school, Travis always eats breakfast and makes sure that he is on time for school. Travis lives within walking or biking distance of school, but his mom drives him each day and picks him up after school. After school, Travis has a fruit or a vegetable for a snack and then he immediately does his school work. He likes to have time at night to watch Nickelodeon. He also spends time on the internet in the evenings on nights when he does not have guitar lessons.

On the weekend, Travis likes to relax. He usually has Brad over to play video games. Sometimes his friends spend the night and they build forts or sleep in tree house when the weather is warm. Even though Travis got a new bike at his last birthday, he does not ride it very often. He has never visited the park in his community. Even though his older brother plays baseball and basketball, Travis does not like team sports. He does not participate in them.

At the beginning of the school year, Travis set a personal goal. He wanted to eat more fruits and vegetables and drink more water. He eats a fruit or vegetable at every meal and one for a snack. He also drinks water instead of soda.

Travis is known as the “nice guy” at school. He has a lot of friends and treats everyone fairly and likes to meet new people. Travis wants to be a teacher when he grows up and he is confident that his personality will be good for that job.


Elena is from a big city in Ohio. She is in the fifth grade at Danielson Intermediate School. Elena does not like to wake up early, and she is often running late for school. She skips breakfast several days a week in order to make it on time. She rides her bike to school no matter what the weather is. Elena thinks you can never spend too much time riding your bike! After school, Elena eats a candy bar and goes to karate class. After dinner, she watches TV for a couple hours. She usually stays up late because she doesn’t start her homework until after her TV shows are over.

On the weekend, Elena always does the weekly grocery shopping with her mom. That’s when she usually picks out all the stuff she saw commercials for during the last week. Her favorite is picking out new yummy cereals that are sweet and colorful. She just wishes she had more time to eat breakfast during the week. Every weekend, Elena goes to the YMCA with her friend Beth. Elena found out about special programs for kids at the YMCA one day when she and Beth were bored. Elena’s older brother does not like team sports, but he loves to swim. So, he usually takes them to the YMCA. If they can’t go to the YMCA, they usually go to the park next to Beth’s house to play.

Elena has a lot of friends, but she does not have a very positive self image. She wishes she could be more like the girls she sees on TV. She also wishes she had Beth’s blonde hair. Even though she gets good grades and is one of the best people in her karate class, she thinks being pretty is better.

Compare and Contrast

Students will fill out the compare and contrast worksheet. They will use the chart provided to see what Travis and Elena have in common and how they are different. Then they will give a brief answer to the question, “Overall, how healthy are Elena and Travis?” using the information from their charts. They will suggest some lessons that Travis and Elena might benefit from. Students may benefit from doing this exercise as a class.

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