Learning Activity: Art or Technology Project



•Art supplies including markers, paint, paintbrushes

•Writing materials





Discuss and summarize the main points outlined in all of the tobacco lessons. Lay out materials for students to use.

Note to Teacher: Students may work in groups to complete this assignment or the assignment can be used for homework.


  1. Have students identify a topic that they would like to display in the pamphlet or poster. For example, students can take the strategies that they learned in the Talking to Peers about Tobacco or Healthy Alternatives to Smoking lesson and incorporate that information into a pamphlet. They may also choose to draw a poster depicting the health risks and costs associated with tobacco use. Encourage students to be creative. The pamphlet can be designed in any manner and the poster can include cartoon sketches.

  1. When students have identified their targeted approach for disseminating information, ask the students to write an outline about the project. The outline should include the theme of the poster or pamphlet, the target audience, and how the students plan to make an impact with the health education material.

  1. Next, have students create the health promotional materials. Students can use magazine cut-outs, markers, writing utensils, or the internet to create posters or pamphlets.

  1. Have students present the final product to the class and either distribute the materials to other classes or present to other classes. Posters can be displayed on bulletin boards, in the cafeteria, or in any location that maximizes viewing.

Optional: In addition to creating pamphlets or posters, students can create songs that compliment the promotional materials.


Discuss the following questions with the students. Why is it important to promote healthy behaviors in the community? What did you value about the process of creating health education materials?

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