Hi, thanks for reading. Human evolves so does my blog. It recently morphed from Free Up Knowledge to School of Grit. For me this is a great step forward as I enter the new realm of human capital development. From humble beginning of just selling training program, I learn how to develop training program, then become a collaborator, project manager, analyst and consultant then I became top management that manage corporate training businesses, then I pick up skills to become advisor and teacher and now I am closing a full circle called performance. I understand and know what is performance and how to achieve expert performance. I had my share of failures and low points for several times and blessed for being able to pick myself again to do what I believe and change the world. Going full circle allow me to compare and contrast my beliefs and experiences that help me making better choices with regards performance.

Grit defined as courage, resolve and mark of a strength in character. I first encounter this word as I delve into the question “why some human capital development program for high potentials falter over time?” and “how to create more high performers in organizations?”. These are top performers, high flyers and superstars. They got it into the special program by design, not by chance. Somehow they lose steam and evaporate. Some completely losing it out so much so they drifted further from what they were years ago. What just happened? This is a lost to humanities. I will share more in my posting. Then I stumbled upon a presentation on GRIT by Angela Duckworth from UPENN, and that was it. This is what I have been after. Stay tune.

Things that catch my attention are management and leadership, strategy, business, creativity, innovation and human relations. I believe that expert performance is achievable and can be sustained for longer period when we have GRIT. All posts are based on my worldviews and experiences. I share other’s experience as well because life is too short to experience lots of things. In the occasion when i use other people’s materials, i will cite accordingly. Nevertheless, the perspectives are mine. Let’s get GRIT, GRITTIER and GRITTIEST!

I believe this world is big enough to learn and small enough to do bad things. I started as more brawn than brain and lead a simple life. I think it is important to make mistakes early so we have enough time to get our priorities right. Don’t you think? Here are my Leadership Beliefs 

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