Directions: Please read each question carefully before answering. Ask if you have any questions. 1) Answer the following questions by writing out the entire word TRUE or FALSE in the blank. If you just put T or F, it will be marked wrong.

a. __ You should only wear safety glasses in lab when you feel like it.

b. __ A good procedure for trying to identify a substance in lab is to take

a big whiff of it and see what it smells like.

c. ­­__ You should never horse around in lab.

d. __ If we are outside and you see a wild animal, it’s okay to go up to it

and see what kind of animal it is.

e. __ If there is a fire in the lab, you should notify the teacher

immediately and NOT try to put it out yourself.

f. __ You, as a student, have a right to know every chemical we will be

working with in lab, in case you are allergic to it.

g. __ It is okay to eat and drink in lab.

h. __ If you get bored and feel like starting up your own little experiment

in lab, that’s okay, go right ahead!

i. __ It’s okay to wear contacts in lab, even if you have eye glasses.

j. __ You should never pick up broken glass with your bare hand.

k. __ When heating up the contents of a test tube, you should never point

the open end at someone.

l. __ When you have to put your hands on a chemical, you only need to

use protective gloves every third Tuesday after a full moon.

m. __ If you show careless disregard for these lab safety procedures, and

endanger yourself or someone else in lab, Mr. Holloman will

remove you from the class, give you a zero on the lab, and call

parents as soon as lab is over.

Answer the following questions in complete sentences.

2) Why is it so important to wear safety glasses at all times in lab?

3) Why should you never work alone in the laboratory?

4) What should you do if you break a glass container in lab?

5) What is the proper technique to use if you need to smell something in lab?

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