Equipment Discovery Sheet

Match the names and descriptions with the letters of the given sheet of pictures.

____Funnel – Used to transfer liquids into small mouthed containers

____Watchglass – Used as a cover to prevent heated materials from spattering out of the container.  Also used as a holding plate for hot or flammable materials.

____Beaker – Used to hold liquids (not used for measuring volume, except for rough estimates)

____Forcepts – used carefully manipulate lab materials (without your fingers) like tweezers.

____Graduated Cylinder – Used for measuring the volume of liquids

____Goggles – Used to protect eyes

____Wash Bottle – Used to dispense H2O for rinsing and washing.

____Mortar and Pestle – Used to grind solids into a fine powder.

____Pasteur Pipettes – Used to dispense small amounts of liquids, dropwise

____Bunsen Burner – Used to produce a flame for heating materials

____Wire Gauze – Used as support over a ring stand for materials being heated

____Test tube Clamp – Used for grabbing hot test tubes

____Ring stand Clamp – Attached to a ring stand to hold items

____Lab Apron – Worn to protect user from splashes and spills

____Safety Shower – Safety item used in case of an emergency to rinse student

____Burette – Used for dispensing measured amounts of a liquid, dropwise

____Volumetric Flask – Used to create known concentrations of a solution of a certain volume

____Erlenmeyer Flask – Used to hold liquids, sloped sides allows for spill free mixing and easy decanting (not used for measuring volume, except for rough estimates)

____Test tubes – Used for holding, mixing, heating, small amounts of liquids

____Scoopula – Used to transfer dry solids, particularly from original container to scale

____Crucible Tongs – Used to move items that have been heated

____Crucible – Used for heating solids to extreme temperatures

____Ring Stand – Used to hold items above a flame for heating

____Thermometer – Used to measure temperature.

____Pipette – Used to transfer exact volumes of a liquid.


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