Introductory Robotics / Pre-Engineering, Using LEGO® WeDo and Mindstorms

Engineering & Technology

This is a worksheet/activity to cap off Amazing Mechanisms Projects 7 (Kicker), 8 (Goalie), and 9 (Cheerful Fans) from the LEGO Education WeDo Activity Pack.

Includes rules and score-keeping for a class-wide soccer game competition. Each student group should take on a role (kicker/goalie/fan) and then tweak their design to meet special game rules and also attempt to be more competitive. Have playoffs and give little LEGO trophies!

This was one of the most popular/memorable activities in my middle-school classes.

Additional Notes:

This version of the game guidelines has not been classroom tested. Feedback welcome! (or edit and submit your own version)

The Cheerful Fans / Referee is still problematic, especially in terms of keeping those groups busy while the others are getting ready for the game. Those groups can/should perhaps also be tasked with designing and programming a sensor-based scoring system (similar to the one already suggested in the goalie design), or building the trophies (out of LEGO of course), or otherwise adding to the whole game-day simulation fun.

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