Historical Role Play: Kyoto Protocol Committee

Project Description
This project was a role-play on the Kyoto Treaty, which dovetailed with a chapter on air pollution and global warming. Students were given a scenario handout and put into groups. A certain number of students were the Senate committee charged with investigating the merits of the treaty. The remainder of the students were various experts who were to testify to the committee. Each student highlighted those parts of the treaty that pertained to their area of interest. They were also required to research the history and current status of the treaty as pertains to the USA and other world countries. Props were required. Each student had three minutes to present their arguments and the committee had five minutes to ask questions of each expert.

Rubric Information
Rubric Title Kyoto Protocol Committee
Rubric ID 198071
Teacher Name Darlene Vandever
School Klein High School
Subject Science
Grade 12

Project Includes
Links Role Playing Scenario for Global Warming and Ozone Depletion
Kyoto Protocol
Standards NS.9-12.5: Science And Technology
NS.9-12.6: Personal And Social Perspectives
NS.9-12.7: History And Nature of Science
Teacher Tips I felt this project was very successful. The students really got into the research and did a fantastic job in learning about their areas and about the treaty in general. I would lengthen the amount of time given for presentations and for questions. Many students had so much information they couldn't present it all. I also wish that the rubric template had more areas and columns. It was a bit dicey to try to evaluate as I was constrained by the template to set it up. However, RubiStar really helped me to think through the project and organize it better. It was also helpful because I showed the rubric to the students before the project was presented. They liked knowing how and on what criteria their grades were based.

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