Civics Curriculum

American Civil War

Important People during the American Civil War
(5 days)

objective: students will create flip charts describing important people from the American Civil War era.


Materials needed

list of important people (attached)
text books
informational books
4 pieces of construction paper for each student(large)
directions and model (attached)

Directions: Create flip charts to describe important people of the American Civil War.
Flipchart: You will need a large piece of paper
Fold your piece of construction paper hot dog style
Keep your paper folded, now fold your paper in half
Keeping your paper folded, fold your paper in half again
Now unfold your paper
Fold your paper hot dog style again
You should see four equal sections
Keeping your fold at the top, cut only the top flap,
cut along the creases on the top fold
Your back should be in one piece, while the front is cut into sections
You will need to do this with the three other pieces of paper

Defining the important people
You will place the person's name on the top flap and a description of who the person is on the back flap.

Important People

Flip chart 1
Abraham Lincoln
Ulysis S Grant
William Tecumsah Sherman
George Meade

Flip chart 2
Jefferson Davis
Robert E Lee
George Pickett
Thomas Jackson

Flip chart 3
Clara Barton
Rose Greenhow
Dorothea Lynde Dix
Harriet Beecher Stowe

Flip chart 4
Harriet Tubman
Frederick Douglas
Dred Scott
John Brown

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