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Julius Caesar Act III Study Guide


1. valiant (adj)


2. firmament (n)


3. malice (n)


4. apprehensive (adj)


5. censure (v)


6. interred (adj)


7. legacy (n)


8. orator (n)


9. plebeians (n)


10. beseech (v)


1. In scene 1, there is still a chance that the conspiracy might be foiled. Explain why Artemidorus fails to get Caesar to read his warning.




2. What petition serves as an excuse for the conspirators to gather around Caesar immediately before the assassination?




3. In scene 1, why does Cassius argue against allowing Antony to speak at Caesar’s funeral?




4. In order to make a compromise, what rules does Brutus give Antony about what he can and cannot do in his speech at Caesar’s funeral?





5. How does Antony’s speech at the end of scene 1 (lines 254-275) reveal his true feelings about the assassins?

6. For a moment after the assassination, the action seeps to stop since the protagonists (the conspirators) have achieved their goal. However, a new protagonist appears who will drive the action for the rest of the play. Who is he, and what is his goal?





7. In scene 2, how does the crowd react to Brutus’ speech at the funeral?



8. Antony’s funeral oration in Scene 2 is one of the most famous pieces of rhetoric in literature. How is Antony able to follow the rules that Brutus gave him while still ruining the conspirators’ reputations?





9. What are four rhetorical devices that Antony repeatedly uses in his speech?




10. What does Antony disclose to the crowd concerning Caesar’s will? How does the crowd react?




11. How has the crowd’s attitude changed from the beginning of scene 2 to the end?





12. How were the mob’s madness and the murder of Cinna foreshadowed earlier in the play?




13. How do you feel about Brutus in this act? Is he still an admirable character or not? Is he a victim or a villain? Explain.







How do you feel about Antony in this act? Has he surprised you in any way? Be specific.

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