List technical issues here (add more detail later):

1) Access to a digital video camera, tripod, firewire cable, microphone, etc. if they choose the movie option.

2) Software needed: MovieMaker (unless using mac which should already includes iMovie), iTunes, Google Earth, Skype, etc?

3) Be sure computer has plug-ins (Flash5, Adobe Shockwave, Java, One of the following: Quicktime, RealPlayer, Windows Media Player). These may be used as your student gathers resources on websites that include animations or videos.

4) Student needs Curriki account (which requires an email address) and a Google Docs account (which also requires an email address)

5) Be sure both you and your students are familiar with Fair Use Guidelines for Educational Multimedia.

6) Access to districts server space to post a website (or a simple site like Edublogs can be used for students to create a site).

7) Other Issues?

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