In 1993, the Center for Technology, Environment, and Communication (C-TEC) was a project-based alternative learning community at Piner High School in Santa Rosa, California. December 9 - 17, the last days of school in 1993, C-TEC cancelled regular classes and designed a Mission to Mars. Students were divided among the nine teachers and worked with their teachers, coaches, and mentors for the entire seven school days. Each teacher had an appropriate mix of sophomores, juniors, and seniors.

December 17, 1993. It's a carnival! The school library and two other large rooms bustle with activity. There are oral presentations, video presentations, computer animation presentations, original Mars music playing, posters, a Mars art show, very large format children's books about life on Mars written in Spanish. C-TEC students, teachers, and many visitors mill around, participating, enjoying, being boggled. Mission accomplished!

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