Grab your favorite dictionary and play WordsWorth. As you play, you'll learn about permutations of words called reverses, palindromes, semordnilaps, and anagrams.

Assign a letter score to each letter in the alphabet, a through z, as follows: a = 1, b = 2, c = 3, and so on, up to z = 26. The WordsWorth of a word is the sum of the letter scores of the word's letters.

Most of the play in WordsWorth is thinking: knowing words, learning more words, and devising strategies for finding answers. People are well equipped to do this type of play. Some of the play is more mundane: looking up letter scores and adding them to get the WordsWorth of a word. First grade students might start with base-10 blocks as their WordsWorth calculator, and then move on to mental math and paper and pencil math as their addition skills improve by playing WordsWorth.

This resource is part of the Investigation Backpack collection.

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