Science Fair Experiment: Invention Convention

Project Description
Students were asked to use what they learned about simple machines to create an invention. They were guided through the invention process: finding problems and then creating solutions to those problems. The students not only created their inventions, but also made a display board to go along with their invention. All students' inventions were then displayed during our Grade Three Invention Convention. Teachers used the rubrics to grade the assignment, students and parents used them to help design their display board and invention. The Invention Convention was the culminating project to our unit on simple machines and our entire year of science.

Rubric Information
Rubric Title Invention Convention
Rubric ID 235758
Teacher Name Michelle Miller
School Prairie View Elementary
Subject Science
Grade 3

Project Includes

Standards NS.K-4.2: Physical Science
NS.K-4.5: Science And Technology
Teacher Tips The rubric and project were very successful. It is extremely helpful for parents and students to know how they will be graded going into the project. It also made the grading easier and more consistent for all teachers. It gave the students specific guidelines to follow in order to receive the grade they wanted.

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