Unit 0: Rules, Procedures & Themes

China: Global Studies Lesson Plans and Units

Countries In The News

New Media for Social Commentary

Unit 8: DBQ (Document-Based Question) Writing

Artists use different media to communicate their messages. In this unit, we see how a stage director, a singer/songwriter, a video producer and an "information artist" find different means of telling interesting, entertaining and important stories using four different media that incorporate technology.

Tips on using this material: Some of the descriptions contain possible discussion topics for you to consider when planning your class or presentation. These suggestions should also spark your own ideas about related topics and issues to include in the conversation.

*Note: The video clips used in this unit are excerpts from presentations and performances given at Pop!Tech 2006 in Camden, Maine. Additional clips from these presenters are in my Curriki collection; the full-length versions (along with other incredible content) can be found at*

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