The decodable story passages in this collection are from FreeReading, a high quality, open licensed reading intervention program.

More information and related activities and resources can be found here.

The decodable passages at the FreeReading site are in a pdf format. That printable pdf is included here, but we have also put the stories into other formats, such as PowerPoint presentation, jpg art files, and in some cases interactive VoiceThread stories. (We'll be adding more VoiceThreads over time. Let me know if you have requests.)

Here are some ideas for how you might use the materials:

- Have students read aloud the stories, recording into PowerPoint or another tool. (This could be included into digital portfolios to demonstrate fluency gains over time.)

- For those that don't already have them, make VoiceThreads that students can use

- Have students answer questions such as: Is it real or make-believe? Who are the characters in the story? What is the setting? What do you think happens next?
 - Help students make their own movies of the stories. You can use the images or PPT files here. Photostory is a great tool for this that is very easy for even young ones to use.

- Have students make up their own stories to go with the pictures. This could be done on paper, orally, in PowerPoint, or as a movie in either VoiceThread or Photostory.

-Import any of this content onto your classroom web site or online learning environment. (Because this is open licensed, you are "allowed." Just make sure to credit the source, in this case FreeReading and K12 Handhelds.)

As you create your own related resources, please share them here and even upload your work.

And if you have any questions, comments, or requests for other formats or similar work, please message me here or email me at karen at k12opened dot com.

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