This Instructor’s Guide contains the brief outlines of Chapters 12-21 as found in the Concepts

of Biology textbook, though some underwent revision. Also, instructors will find detailed outlines

of the text for use in lecturing, as well as structured outlines that may be used by students

to take notes while reading the chapter or during lecture. All outlines are derived

from the OpenStax text. Additionally, study guides that contain a variety of questions are

provided for students.

The appendices contain Web resources where additional information can be found

about the topics covered in the text; these Web resources may or may not be open resources,

and copyright information is included in the appendix, but it is incumbent upon

the instructor to ensure fair use. Teaching Tips are included to promote active learning and

student engagement. A sample calendar is provided to illustrate the structure of the

course. A link to a “Virtual Tour of the Okefenokee Swamp,” which is licensed

through Creative Commons, is included.

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