Learning Experience 3: What Do Crickets Look Like?



For each pair of students:

2 Student Activity Sheets for Learning Experience 3

Double lens magnifier

Insect observation box

For the class:

Cricket habitat

Metric ruler*

*provided by teacher


Read the background information in the Insects Teacher’s Manual. (Please see PDF)

Evaluation Strategy:

Students will draw their observations of the parts of a cricket and will name the major parts of all insects.

Basic Skills Development:










Objective: Students will observe crickets and draw a picture of their body parts.

What do crickets look like?

Students pairs are to use the double lens magnifiers to examine a cricket closely to see what it looks like. Insect observation boxes are also provided, however, it will take patience to get the cricket into the box. Try getting the cricket to crawl into a paper tube and then tap the tube over the box.

Students are looking specifically for the parts of a cricket. Students can then draw a picture of what they see on the Student Activity Sheet for Learning Experience 3.

The cricket parts identified are common to all insects as students will see while exploring insects throughout the unit. Have students share pictures and discuss what parts are common in all the pictures.

Sing cricket body song with students (see later in this Learning Experience). In addition, the crickets have wings and not all insects have wings. Students will realize this as they explore insects throughout the unit. If the crickets you receive do not have wings, the insect may still be in a nymph stage (see information on life cycle in the Background Information PDF)

Students can review the parts of the insect by singing the parts of an insect song again or by playing the Simon Says Game (see later in this Learning Experience) to show motions for the cricket body parts.

Cricket Body Song (Tune - Must be Santa)

What has three body parts and six legs?

Crickets have three body parts and six legs.

What has a thorax, abdomen, and head?

Crickets have a thorax, abdomen, and head.

Three body parts,

with six legs

thorax, abdomen

and a head. (clap, clap)

Must be crickets (clap, clap)

Must be crickets (clap, clap)

Must be crickets in our room.

What has three body parts and two legs?

I have three body parts and two legs.

What has a chest, abdomen, and head?

I have a chest, abdomen, and head.

Three body parts,

with two legs,

chest, abdomen,

and a head (clap, clap)

Must be terrific (clap, clap)

Must be terrific (clap, clap)

Must be terrific, terrific me.

Parts of an Insect sung to the tune of Head, Shoulders, Knees, and Toes (act out each part):

Head, thorax, abdomen, abdomen (place hands on each of your body parts)

Head, thorax, abdomen, abdomen

Head (touch your head)

Antenna (hold up two fingers on each hand and place them on head)

Thorax (touch chest)

Legs (hold up three fingers on each hand and place them near armpits)

And wings (fold arms so hands are in armpits - flap wings)

Head, thorax, abdomen, abdomen (touch each body part)

Simon Says

(Motions for Cricket body parts)

Head (touch your head)

Thorax (touch your thorax)

Abdomen (touch your stomach)

Six Legs (hold three fingers out from each hand and place hands along your sides)

Eyes (touch your eyes)

Mouth (touch your mouth)

Antennae (place index fingers sticking up from the top of your head)

Wings (fold arms so elbows are sticking out from your sides and flap them up and down like wings)

Discussion Questions:

What parts of the cricket can you identify?

How many of each part can you count?

Does every cricket have the same parts and the same number of parts?

What are the functions of each part?

What colors are the crickets?

Where do you think crickets hide if this is their color?

Ask students to observe how the crickets move. Discuss how they move their legs and how they jump. Also, observe the distance and height of their jump. Use a metric ruler to measure the distance, if possible.

STUDENT ACTIVITY SHEET for Learning Experience 3: What Do Crickets Look Like?


Picture of a Cricket

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