Abdomen: the bottom section of an insect.

Ant: a small insect usually wingless. As a group, this insect shows some social organization.

Ant farm: a habitat for ants in which they construct their nest.

Antenna: sensory organ occurring in pairs on the head of insects.

Booklet: a small book.

Community: a group whose members live in a similar location.

Cricket: a leaping insect, the male of which makes a sharp chirping sound.

Experiment: a procedure used to discover fact or test ideas.

Habitat: the environment of an animal or plant.

Insect: an animal that has a body divided into three parts, six legs, two antennae, and sometimes two pairs of wings.

Job: anything on has to do as a task.

Life cycle: changes from egg to adult.

Metamorphosis: changes of form from birth or hatching to adulthood in some animals.

Omnivore: animals that eat plants and animals.

Scavenger: an animal that feeds on dead or decaying matter.

Social insect: insects that live in a community.

Teamwork: cooperative effort by a group.

Thorax: part of the insect's body between the head and abdomen.

Worker: a person or thing that works.

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