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Better Parents was set up to provide training, distribution and development of The Fusion Programme, in support of the Innovation Unit and schools, organisations and individuals who want to run/attend the course.

A major part of the success of Fusion has been the sense of community generated by attendees and leaders. To continue this, Fusion Drop-Ins (informal get-togethers) have been formed as a means of providing support, encouragement and the celebration of success to Fusion's participants long after the course has finished.

To aid this activity and fully support participants and leaders (past, present and future), will be revamped in the next month or so to provide a social networking site to provide another level of support, similar to Fusion Drop-Ins. This will allow 'Fusioneers' to stay in contact, contribute on forums, join groups, add events, message each other, encourage each other and share challenges and breakthroughs as and when they happen.

The ethos of the site will be to provide somewhere to allow people to avoid isolation and deal with the daily challenges being a parent, carer, children's professional, etc. can bring with other similar people to offer support. Please bear with us while we get it up and running, as these projects sometimes develop teething troubles.

We will also be providing other features such as articles, news, competitions, future courses and so on. In addition, we hope to be able to provide specialised forums for additional and special educational needs, moderated by carefully chosen experts and operated under the same inclusive and encouraging ethos of the Better Parents site.

Please support this project so we can support those who need it most … all of us.

To find the whole Fusion course, see the Fusion group's curriculum tab.

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The Better Parents website - soon to be a social networking site for attendees of Fusion, past, present and future, and anyone else who finds the site both encouraging and informative.
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