In the Year of the Boar and Jackie Robinson Lesson Plan Aid

Author: Betty Bao Lord

Subject: Girl adjusts to life in new country

Setting: China; Brooklyn, New York, USA, late 1940s

Ten-year-old Bandit Wong emigrates to America and, via assimilation, becomes Shirley Temple Wong. After winning the friendship of Mabel, a class bully, Shirley learns to play stickball, becomes a Dodger fan, and meets Jackie Robinson.

Lexile Measure: 730L
Grade Level: 4
Genre: Fiction
Sub-Genre: Historical
Gender of Character: Girl

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When Shirley's father took her to the basement to clean, all she saw was a lot of junk. Her father saw gifts to make for people. He made something for every tenant in the building. Imagine that you could make a gift for one of the characters in In the Year of the Boar and Jackie Robinson. Write about the character and the gift that you would make for him or her.

Moving to a new home can bring unexpected changes. When Shirley Temple Wong and her mother arrive at their Brooklyn home they discover that life in America is going to be very different from life in China. Write a paragraph describing the differences that Shirley and her mother will need to get used to.
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