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Gilded Age and Progressive Era

This lesson explores immigration during the Gilded Age and Progressive Era. Students will explore the causes of immigration to the United States, the effects of immigration on American society, the experience of immigrants and reaction of Americans to immigrants. The lesson includes a historical narrative, primary sources, and student activities. Students will better understand the debate over immigration in American history and today.
Lesson plan PDF includes all handouts:
Handout A: Immigration Experiment Discussion
Handout B: Immigration in the Gilded Age and Progressive Era
Handout C: The Challenges of Assimilation
Handout D: Selections from Henry Cabot Lodge’s Speech in the Senate March 16, 1896
Handout E: Selections from the President Grover Cleveland’s Veto Message
Handout F: Immigration in the Progressive Era
Handout G: Critical Thinking Questions
Handout H: Immigration Today
Answer Key
Introductory Essay
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