Revamping/Restructuring the Elementary and Intermediate Algebra Sequence

I, Christine Will, will be leading a Bay Area wide discussion about revamping the Elementary and Intermediate Algebra sequence. If you would like to be part of this discussion, please email me at, indicating your interest.

You can track our progress of our collaborative discussion on the project weblog.

Some of the topics that will be discussed are:

(1) Current issues:

E.g. at Laney College, there is a very high level of overlap between the courses and the course outlines. Also, Intermediate Algebra seems crammed full of material, and it is rarely possible to cover it all AND repeat most of Elementary Algebra.

(2) Possible restructured models:

E.g. in Peralta Community College District, we have discussed, via a face to face Teaching Community some time ago, the possibility of taking a single combined textbook for the 2 courses and splitting it between the courses, so that fewer topics are covered in each course, with less repetition, but in more depth. All topics from the course outlines would still be covered. This approach is currently being tried out at Holy Names College.

(3) Possible accelerated models:

Both courses in a single semester. Definitely a push in several districts to get persistence levels up to 100% by combining courses into one semester. I've heard students complain that they only have math to take, but that it would take several semesters...this could solve that problem for those students, as well!

(4) Feasibility of such models:

E.g. in Peralta Community College District, would such a structure cause problems with Articulation and for students in traditional Elementary and Intermediate Algebra courses? How do we deal with prerequisites?

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