Name: ____________________  Period: _____         

Lab Report: Identifying Acids and Bases 






Not present; uses “I” or “we”

No purpose

Missing either purpose, char., or examples

Includes purpose, characteristics, and examples of acids and bases


Missing more than 4 materials

Missing 1-2 materials or the amount or number

Lists all the materials used


Incorrect or not detailed procedure

Missing 2-3 steps in the procedure

Lists the steps taken to complete the lab



Missing table and description of how the acid, base, and neutral substances were distinguished

Table present but does not comment on how acids, bases, and neutral substances were classified

Includes a table listing the acids and bases and comments on how it was determined (ie. what color change indicated an acid? base? neutral?)


Does not relate lab results back to examples or characteristics and no sources of error

Missing 1-2 comments on generalizations or comparison to expectation or sources of error.

Comments or generalizes what was learned (ie. more acids or bases? Did they match examples or expectations?); sources of error

                                                                                                Total: ______ / 25 =

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