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Language Arts (Bilingual, Dual Language)

Overarching Question (English Language Arts):

As life-long learners, how can we improve and sustain the quality of our communities in an ever-changing world?

Overaching Question (English Language Arts):

How does literacy impact the quality of our life and community?

Essential Question (Unit 1-Writer's Craft and Revision):

How does goal setting empower us to accomplish what we want in life?

Unit Summary:

Teacher will assess student's current writing ability according to a basline survey. Students will establish their writing goals for the year in the form of an essay. Students writing will be done within the context of learning about and understanding goals, why we need them, and the difference between long and short term goals.

Suggested Time Allowance:

September 14-September 30.

State Standards:

E 2a: Student develops a controlling idea that conveys a perspective on a subject.

Education for Sustainability Core Content Standards & Performance Indicators:

The Dynamics of Systems & Change (C,20)

Learning Outcomes/Standards:

•What are the enduring understandings?

Students will be able to understand the importance of goal setting and how establishing (short and long term) goals provide them with a path to either success or failure.

•What will students know?

Students will know that our school, community, and world function based on a system, one in which they must learn how to navigate in order to obtain what they want in life. One of the skills that they must learn to navigate through this ever-changing system in which they play an integral part, they must begin with recognizing what they want and establishing a means/plan in order to attain it.

•What will students be able to do (performance tasks/evidence)?

Students will be able to use the skills that they have previously learned in order to write an essay about their goals for writing.

Learning Opportunities Summary:

a.) Students will be re-introduced to the writing process.

b.) Students will discuss and create a rubric for writing.

c.) Students will be exposed to and understand editing symbols.

d.) Students will learn about goals and how to establish them.


Example writing, example goals, sentence frames (if needed), paper, pencils, edit symbol handouts, etc.


a.) Students must have a grasp on writing in general. Initially, students will diagnostic assessment will be made with regards to students' general understanding about writing and what it is.

b.) Students will be evaluated to see whether or not they have goals for writing.

c.) By using this initial writing sample, the teacher will do a summative assessment about what the student does well and what they struggle with with regards to writing in order to determine the lesson's direction for writing.

b.) Students will assessed on their knowledge of the editing symbols.


Short term goals

Long term goals

Terms used to define editing symbols

Additional terms as needed throughout the unit based on student need.

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