The Founders meant for the First Amendment to protect a wide array of expressive activities. The Supreme Court, recognizing changes in society and technology, has applied the First Amendment's protections in some ways that are broader than ever. Student speech in public schools, however, poses unique questions. This lesson will help students to Understand the operation of the First Amendment in both their school and in the wider context of society and fosters students' appreciation of their rights, preparing them for responsible and effective participation in their school, community, and nation.
Handout A: How Has Speech Been Both Limited and Expanded, and How Does It Apply to You and Your School? (Background Essay) Handout B: What Do I Believe About the Freedom of Expression?
Handout C: Student Code of Conduct
Handout D: Schools and the Marketplace of Ideas – 4 Scenarios
Primary Source Appendices
Founding Principles for ELL
Vocabulary Scaffolding for ELL
Answer Key
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