(del) Open Source CA Textbook - Chemistry

Unit 10: Organic and Biochemistry

APPENDIX 1: Investigations and Lab Safety

OLD Unit 7: Energy and Thermodynamics

1) How many joules of heat are released by a 400.0 g drinking glass that is cooled from 25ºC to 3.0ºC by iced tea placed in it? The specific heat of the glass is 0.664 J/gºC.

2) How much heat is required to raise the temp of 464 g of lead from –20.0ºC to 219ºC?

3) A 25.0 g sample of silver initially at 26.5ºC absorbs 38.4 J of heat. What will be the final temperature, given that Cp for silver is 0.235 J/gºC?

4) If 13.34 g of an unknown substance loses 40.8 J of heat in cooling from 50ºC to 43ºC, what is the specific heat of the unknown?

5) Suppose a piece of gold with mass of 21.5 g at a temperature of 95.00ºC is dropped into an insulated calorimeter containing 125.0 g of water at 22.0ºC. What will be the final temperature of the water? (Hint: The heat lost must equal the heat gained.)

6) If a piece of iron with mass 7.86 g and a temperature of –25.0ºC is dropped in 35.0 g of water at 21.0ºC, what will be the final temperature?
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