Gatsby Quiz Two (Chapters 3-4)

Choose 4 out of the following 5 choices to identify by noting its place in the novel and its significance to the story. If a quote, be sure to identify the speaker and the significance of the subject. (4 pts each/20 points)

a) I was one of the few guests who had actually been invited
b) One time he killed a man who had found out that he was nephew to von Hindenburg and second cousin to the devil.
c) Jordan Baker
d) After that I lived like a young rajah in all the capitals of Europe—Paris, Venice, Rome—collecting jewels, chiefly rubies, hunting big game, painting a little, things for myself only, and trying to forget something very sad that had happened to me long ago.
e) Take ‘em downstairs and give ‘em back to whoever they belong to. Tell ‘em all Daisy’s change’ her mine.

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