Language Arts Understanding by Design Lesson Plans


By Tina Harper and Monica Gonzalez

Helping students tap into the power of grammar as a tool to empower their writing is the central goal of this unit. Students often see grammar as a list of rules and regulations that must be followed to avoid losing points on an assignment. It is our goal to help them see grammar as an avenue to communicate effectively and gain credibility from their audience.
Furthermore, students often struggle when transitioning from middle school to high schools. This unit is written to be taught and modified by an eighth grade and ninth grade English teacher. Because we teach at an independent school, the majority of our students will experience this unit both in 8th grade English and in 9th grade English (with modification). By designing and teaching the same unit together, students experience consistency in skill development. Additionally, teachers may discuss the concepts students master and the concepts students need further practice with throughout and after the unit.
In this unit students will study the power of grammar as it is structured to reflect education, social power, and purpose. Additionally, they will study the parts of the sentence and how writers modify or add to sentences to add clarity, meaning, style and sophistication.

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