Many current works of literature include themes that a plethora of teenagers can relate to. Issues and Dilemmas that Teenagers Face will examine contemporary issues that teenagers are faced with. It is designed to be integrated into the English 11 curriculum and will connect to the following works: Go Ask Alice, We All Fall Down, and The Catcher in the Rye. Supplemental materials, including current articles, documentaries, and research projects will also be implemented. Among the issues discussed will be: drug abuse, sex, peer-pressure, searching for one’s identity, and school violence.Students will heighten their awareness of the many problems young people are faced with today by examining the various characters in the aforementioned works of literature. The students will gain increased insight through the extension activities provided during the course of or at the end of a given unit.Additionally, the lessons in the unit incorporate the NYS Learning Standards:

  1. Language for information and understanding

2. Language for literary response3. Language for critical analysis and evaluation4. Language for social interaction

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