The Ninth Grade Vocabulary Flip Book CAP is a series of templates that have been inspired by the Judy Dodge conference. For each unit, there are three flip book templates. Level 1 will be utilized by inclusion and ESL classes. In this level there will be a place for information, vocabulary words to be defined and an open area for students to create an image. This level will be for students who have difficulty with reading and writing. Regents skills classes will utilize Level 2. Here students will encounter vocabulary words to be defined and cloze notes that can be completed by utilizing the student’s classroom notes. In addition, there will be an open area for students to create an image. In Level 3, regents and honors classes will utilize the flip book template in order to independently focus on vocabulary to be defined, and create an image that relates to each vocabulary word. These then can be used to reinforce content for each of the thirteen units that are studied throughout the year. These flip books can be differentiated for instruction on all levels.

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