This CAP was developed to provide greater focus on mathematical experiences in the classroom.    Emphasis is on the Common Core Standards for Mathematical Content and Fluency in Grade 3.  The Common Core fosters a greater in-depth understanding of mathematical concepts and their connections to everyday life.  The curriculum, instruction and assessment should reflect the focus and emphasis of the standards.  The major content (70%) emphasis in each standard is integrated with additional (20%) and supporting (10%) emphasis tying it all together to achieve fluency and cohesive understanding.  The focus is in building skills within, and across grades developing speed and fluency to know it, do it, and use it in real world situations.
Additionally, this CAP includes a teacher friendly pacing calendar with recommendations for bringing the NYS Mathematics Common Core Learning Standards to life in mathematics instruction through sense-making, reasoning, arguing and critiquing, and modeling, etc. Each lesson from a NYS Module has been linked to the corresponding chapter from the “Go Math!” book series the teachers will have available as an additional resource.

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