There are countless works of literature which focus on the multitude of cultures in our and other societies. While many of the works our students study in their English core curriculums include various cultures, there is much that is left unexplored. Multiculturalism in Literature is a complete unit plan devised for students in grades 10 and 11 that will thoroughly examine literature from a variety of cultures including Irish, Jewish, Chicano, and Buddhist. Students will become aware of the diverse cultural influences that shape the characters in the stories; identify traditions and customs of a specific culture; analyze the cultural and religious influences that affect a character’s actions; recognize the author’s language and vocabulary to enhance the overall understanding of the story; and identify and analyze the author’s use of literary elements and techniques.Additionally, the lessons in the unit incorporate the NYS Learning Standards:

  1. Language for information and understanding

2. Language for literary response3. Language for critical analysis and evaluation4. Language for social interaction

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