Two ways glacial terrain features are erosion and deposition. Students will use the powerpoint to take notes on the different terrain features and be able to identify these features in pictures.

Students will then be able to look at pictures around the room to utilize their notes to identify these features.

This also includes a Quiz. This can begin the next day for review.

Group Size: Any

Learning Objectives:

To introduce glacial terrain features and identify erosion and deposition evidence in these features.

Ask students where they may see this evidence locally to apply the ideas to their own local terrain.

Guiding Question:

How can we identify glacial terrain features?

What do glacial terrain features tell us about the history of glaciers in local areas?


pictures of glacial terrain features ppt notes page


Students will take notes from powerpoint. Students will be identifying erosion and deposition evidence in pictures during the ppt slide show. Students will then view pictures around the room of these features and write the picture number under the correct feature. Students will be asked to think of where they see this evidence locally.


Pictures being placed under the correct terrain feature.

Ask students to create a list of where they see these features locally. Over the next week make a list of terrain feature and place of where they see this evidence.

A great extension would be to use the Ipad National Parks free APP to look at features of Glacier National Park (or any other National Park) and identify terrain features.

Answer Key or Rubric:

Answer key will depend on the pictures you place around your room. Check for putting the correct picture under the correct terrain feature.

Benchmark or Standards:

E5.4f Describe geological evidence that implies climates were significantly colder at times in the geological record. (striations, geomorphology)

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