Thanks to a generous grant from Science House, Girls' Angle began producing the Girls' Angle Women in Mathematics Video Series in 2009. This series features women in mathematics presenting pieces of math that excited them when they were in middle and high school. New videos will be posted on the last day of every odd numbered month, in alternation with the Girls' Angle Bulletin.

These videos, sometimes filmed on the spur of the moment and in a single take, aim to showcase the diverse group of women working in mathematics today. For a more formal presentation of material, join Girls' Angle! If a concept or comment in a video seems unclear, feel free to notify us at girlsangle "at" We love receiving comments from visitors to this website!

The Women in Mathematics video series was conceived by Girls' Angle director Elisenda Grigsby. If you are a woman in mathematics and would like to contribute to this series, please email girlsangle "at" with the subject "Attn: WIM videos".

The Videos

On Temperature and Antipodes by Elisenda Grigsby. New!

The Platonic Solids by Emily Peters.

Tic Tac Toe on a Doughnut by Diana Hubbard.

You Won't Win Any Races With This Geometric Series... by Lauren McGough.

Social Networks and Graph Theory, presented by Vera Vertesi.

Does zero point nine repeating really equal one?, presented by Elisenda Grigsby.

What does slicing pizza have to do with calculus?, presented by Joan Licata.

Generating Fibonacci Numbers, presented by Lauren Williams.

Fun with Triangles, Inscribed Circles, and Angle Bisectors, presented by Radmila Sazdanovi?.

Visualizing Surfaces Using Polygons, presented by Allison Gilmore.

Adding the Numbers from 1 to 100, presented by Helen Wong.

There are Infinitely Many Prime Numbers, presented by Ellen Eischen.

A Proof of the Pythagorean Theorem, presented by Ina Petkova.

Initial corporate funding provided by Science House.

Continued corporate funding provided by Big George Ventures Philanthropy Fund.

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