When people think of George Washington, they frequently think of the very famous portrait of the man himself painted by Gilbert Stuart. Visitors to this site will get a chance to explore every angle of that painting on this site, along with puzzles, quizzes, and historical features that offer insight into Washington's life and times. The site was created by the Smithsonian National Portrait Gallery, with generous support from the Donald W. Reynolds Foundation. Visitors should start their exploration by clicking on the "Explore the Portrait" link. Here they can take in the portrait through three vantage points: the symbolic, the biographic, and the artistic. It's a fantastic and multifaceted portrait of, well, a portrait, and it's worth several visits. Moving on, "The Patriot Papers" area of the site contains several fun activities, including a tile game, and a feature titled "CROSS-ing the Delaware". Finally, this section also contains some fun articles that answer timely questions like "What were George Washington's teeth really made of?"

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