In Geometry Lesson 1, students learn how to identify, name, classify and measure lines and angles. Students will learn about parallel and perpendicular lines, right, acute, supplementary, corresponding angles. They will also learn the key vocabulary such as ray, intersect, segment, which will help them to easily understand and retain the math content. The lesson is organized as follows (although the student can navigate as they choose):

Real World: An engaging activity that provides a real world example using vocabulary and math key concepts. The aim is to interest the student in the lesson's content by connecting to prior knowledge and relevant real-world examples.

Vocabulary: Key concept vocabulary presented with pictures and audio reinforcement in both English and Spanish. The student sees and hears the vocabulary used in multiple contexts.

Instruction: Math concept and math skills are taught interactively in the context of a math lesson, meeting the requirements of national and state math standards. Students are provided with multiple opportunities for guided practice.

Try-It: Math skills and practice is emphasized using "bite-size" problem-solving questions providing the student with immediate feedback.

Scenario / Game: Math concepts and skills are applied in a fun and interesting way.

Test-Taking Skills: Students learn to read and comprehend "look-alike" state assessment questions, and to use the template provided online to develop effective test-taking strategies;

Final Quiz: Short standards-aligned assessment to determine student proficiency on content and concepts learned in the lesson. Test items are randomized and autoscored; students receive immediate feedback.

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